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Ebook and Print Layout

Ebook Formatting and Conversion
The goal of e-book conversion is to achieve a level of quality that's as good or greater than the quality produced by traditional publishers. Genius Book Services accomplishes this every day. We have the experience and the expertise to create well-formatted and visually attractive e-books that will pass even the most discerning reader's inspection.

An e-book begins with a source file (we prefer DOC and DOCX files, but we can accept RTF, Pages, and in certain circumstances, PDFs and ePub files from previous publications). Some experienced authors with large backlists may not have electronic copies of their books at all, just printed paperbacks or hardcovers from their original publishers. If that's your situation, no problem! We can have the book scanned, and that will get the file we need. Once we have a clean version of your manuscript, we're ready to go. No matter what condition your manuscript, story, or book is in, Genius Book Services can get you started.

To complete the ebook, we will also need a front cover image, which is requred to be embedded in the ebook file at the time of upload to the retailers, such as Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, and Apple iBookstore. You can provide the cover yourself, or we can build one for you.

Print Layout
Regardless of what you may have heard in the news, print books are here to stay. And it is not uncommon to hear from readers, “Where is the print version? I don't have an e-reader!” There are no reasons to stay away from this ever-thriving market. Get your book into—or back into—print!

What Do I Need To Know About Print?
Print books require a bit more preparation than e-books. An e-book is basically a long scroll of specially formatted text. Creating a print book is a completely different process.

Here are some things to think about when preparing to print your book:

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