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Write Brilliantly, Even When You Don’t

You don’t have to be a brilliant writer to communicate effectively and eloquently. A good editor can help bring out your best writing. Our expert editors have over a decade of experience editing nearly every genre of book, from business to memoir to fiction to history, and everything in between. Let us help you get the words out.

Our editors offer three levels of editing services: Developmental, line (or copy) editing, and proofreading:

  • A developmental edit looks at the book as a whole and attempts to answer the question: Does this hold together as a whole? If there are any areas that are holding your book back, a developmental edit may be for you.
  • A line or copy edit takes a fully developed manuscript to the next level. Our editors will go through the entire book, line by line, and make sure that your words, thoughts, and ideas are clear and presented well.
  • A proofread examines the spelling, punctiation, and grammar (sometimes called “spag”) and makes sure that it meets certain standards, from basic English to styles such as Chicago or APA, as needed. Every book needs a proofread.

If you’re wondering if your book needs an editor, the answer is an enthusiastic YES. Hemingway, Asimov, and Dickens needed editors. You need one as well.

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Book Production

Your Book Should Be as Beautiful as Your Message.

You have put a lot of work into your expertise, your message, your story. Whether that investment can be measured in months or years, we understand the dedication that went into your creation. Our editors, proofreaders, formatters, layout artists, and cover artists have put years into learning their discipline as well.

Once your manuscript is in hand, it will be edited thoroughly (and we will keep you in the loop every step of the way), proofread carefully, formatted and laid out for paperback and ebook use, and a cover will be created that matches your messaging and will allow for exceptional marketing of the book.

Finally, your book will be printed for inventory as well as uploaded to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and IngramSpark for broad distribution and availability.

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You Are The Publisher

Your message, your rights, your profits.

There are many options for publishing a book, including traditional publishing, hybrid publishing, and self-publishing. The one rule of thumb to keep in mind is that whoever pays the bills is the publisher.

A traditional publisher will pay you. For a limited amount of time, you grant them the right to use your manuscript to produce a high quality book, make the book ready for sale, and market the book to one degree or another. For this effort, they take a portion of the royalties (sometimes a large portion). In many cases, that’s a good deal for you and your book.

A hybrid publisher is more like a business partner than a traditional publisher. You invest some of your money to get the process started, and the publisher still produces the book, makes it available, and sometimes does some marketing. For this, the publisher will often take a smaller portion of the royalties, and you have more control over your book. But please be aware that there are also publishers called Vanity Presses, which will take your rights and your money, profit off of selling you your own book as inventory, and charge you a hefty sum to get the rights back. If you go this route, please do your due diligence and research them before signing anything that requires you to pay to publish.

Self-publishing is where you retain all the rights and all the profits. The reality is that self-publishers are actually one-author small presses, businesses in their own right. As a small press, you are responsbile for all the steps that a traditional or hybrid press would perform, including production and marketing. This is a great option for those authors with a niche message, including entrepreneurs, public speakers, and subject matter experts. It’s also a great choice for many authors who simply want to retain control over their book(s).

Genius Book Services offers publishers of all sizes, from one-author small presses to large traditional presses, the support they need to get their books produced professionally, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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