Why Publish a Book?

Leaders Read; Thought Leaders Publish!

Public Speakers

If you’re making a career of public speaking, a book is the price of admission.

As a public speaker, your message is everything. When your audience connects with you, when they are excited, feeling empowered, ready to tackle the world, you can't be there to guide each of them to success. But they can only take your message home with them if you have your book at the back of the auditorium or online where they can access it. You’ve heard this advice over and over. It’s time to publish that book.

If you’ve already published, you know the power of having a book. So ask yourself: Do you only have one pitch, one speech, one message? If the answer is no, then you know the power of having the next book.

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Your credibility can turn a prospect into a client.

A book creates instant credibility. Your expertise may be broad and deep, but with each new client, it’s only as good as your reputation. Like it or not, you need to communicate your reputation and reliability to nearly every new client you have.

“Here’s my book,” you say, “or you can check me out on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, or really anywhere.” How powerful is that? Whether the prospect checks you out or not, just knowing you've published a book establishes you as an expert almost instantly.

You may be asking yourself, “Who’s going to read a book about me?” The answer may surprise you. And even if the answer is “no one,” it really doesn’t matter. The point of your book is to establish credibility, not gain fame or earn royalties. You may get those things, but if you could give away a book that cost you $2.50 to print which gets you a new project that is worth thousands of times as much as the book, do you care about the sale of one copy? Probably not.

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Quality does matter.

Sometimes you do care if your readers read the book. You’ve worked crafting just the right story, and you know that your future will depend greatly on the word of mouth your book generates. Poor quality can throw your readers out of the experience, and no one wants that.

That’s why the editing, proofreading, formatting, layout, and cover art matter so much. We’ve all read books that have odd errors in content and layout, even from the biggest publishers. An important goal is to avoid problems in your book, and we share that vision with you.

Established in 2010, Genius Book Services has worked with more than 250 authors internationally to create successful books. Our clients include: Paul Levine, DiAnn Mills, James W. Hall, Les Standiford, Ben Rehder, Ed Gorman, Dr. Bobbe Baggio, Jon D'Amore, Lee Goldberg, Steve Hockensmith, Roger Smith, Dave Zeltserman, Dr. Don Redden, James Scott Bell, Kenny Lee Lewis, Dr. Al Carlisle, Brandilyn Collins, Jake Kennedy, Dr. Mark G. Hewitt, and many others.

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