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Are You Ready For Self-Publishing Success?

Whether you are an established author with a large back catalog, a new author with just one book, or somewhere in between, when you are ready to succeed in the world of e-books or print-on-demand (POD), Genius Book Services (GBS) is here to set you on the right track.

By selling your book as an ebook or print-on-demand, you increase your potential profits up to five times what you can get with most traditional publishers. And by working with GBS, you get all the advantages a traditional publisher provides, without giving up any of your rights OR your profits!

Our customized services include:
  • Manuscript Proofreading
  • Custom Cover Art
  • e-Book Conversion
  • Print Layout
Each service is available ala carte, or they can be packaged for convenience and savings.

Invest In Your Success

You put your time, energy, and heart into creating your book(s). You should earn a fair return on that investment. By working with Genius Book Services, you get a reliable, experienced guide into the world of e-books. GBS can help you navigate the confusing waters of e-book publication and POD so you can secure the success you deserve.


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